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Human Resources, who would be a better fit for this profession?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

When we think of a sales person, the top three words that come into our mind would be "extrovert, good with words, persuasive",  for someone working in marketing would be "creative, out of the box, good with deadlines", for someone working in finance would be "number cruncher, introvert, goes by the books". Of course there are people who work in these professions but might not match with these qualities and may have other qualities and personality traits that help them be better at what they do, there are exceptions everywhere and in everything we do. What would the words that would be on top of your mind for a person who works in the Human Resources field ? Take your guess.

Human resources management, a field of work that deals with overall management of employees in an organization. For a profession that has to deal with employees from recruitment to exit, they have to be instinctive to use their knowledge about the vacant position to hire the right candidate with the right recruitment and selection technique, for someone who has to deal with employee, management and union issues day in and day out, they have to be tactful and should have empathy to understand and solve disputes and grievances. For someone who has to make rules as well make sure everyone understands and abides by it, they have to proactive, methodological and good at communication. With a job very demanding and to act as a bridge between employees and management, surely the qualities sought out in a human resource professional are many. 

However, along with the demand of qualities expected from employees as well as management, comes respect and honor of being the human resource, the face of the organization. They are the ones all employees  wants to be friends with, who feel that they would understand and would try to resolve their situation. They are the ones who are expected to lighten up as well as serious up a situation in the organization. A profession with multifaceted roles and responsibilities offering equally the same amount of self-fulfillment and satisfaction of being able to help and contribute to employees, organization and the society as a whole.

Do you think you are a fit for this role?

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