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Covid Hues

March 2020, the world came to a standstill when Covid- 19 struck and got us locked up in our homes. When our organization announced the temporary suspension of service, we initially thought it was going to be a short break as our industry is constantly on the run, 24 x 7. I utilized the first lockdown with spring cleaning, cooking, binging on Netflix, reading books, chatting with friends overseas, and of course quality time with family. However, the assumed “short break” gradually started becoming longer and the pandemic changed its hues.

News came in of the organization downsizing its associates and cutting down on pay, abruptly. We would have appreciated if the scenario was briefed and discussed prior to making decisions. I started calculating my expenses and managing my budget. My initial thought was, how can an organization that was in the epitome of its service, an industry leader, take such a hasty step?

The business resumed post-second lockdown with partial service and we were glad to go back to our workplaces. It was nice to see colleagues in person, talk to them, and walk in the corridors. The act of being able to open my office door, sitting on my office chair getting work done and meeting clients, gave me a feeling of euphoria. In the interim, however, I kept hunting for an alternate job where I could give in my best for a full pay. Either I was overqualified, my salary expectation was over the budget, I did not have a connection; went through a clean process, or was it the age?? Despite several rounds of interviews, I did not make it.

Looking back, I am grateful today for all the experience I have garnered over the years. As humans, we always tend to live either in the past or the future. I am grateful every morning to wake up to sound health, being able to enjoy the warm sip of tea, the cool breeze of fresh air that engulfs my skin, all the meals that I can sit and eat with my family, that is the greatest wealth.

I am still associated with my current role and I am certain something good will come my way. But, for now, my well–being is much more important than my job.

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