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Hiring, are you doing it right?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

“My team member has resigned, can we get a replacement as soon as possible, without which I don’t think I will be able to achieve my quarterly targets on time!”

Is this something that you hear often in your organizations?

Are your HR team members always busy fulfilling the ongoing recruitment demand? Does it feel like your organization is growing rapidly, hence your HR team is under-equipped to perform other range of HR tasks despite them wanting to?

If you answer yes to both, your hiring requirements are always circulating within the first quadrant of the time management matrix developed by Stephen R. Covey, an author, educator and businessman in his most popular book, ‘7 habits of highly effective people”, the first quadrant being: 1) Urgent and important. The tasks in the first quadrant are always the things you want to manage first. But is it right to hire a replacement just for a tick in the box or is it better to wait until you find a good candidate? Wouldn’t you want to focus more on who you are letting into or up the ladder within the organization as part of your hiring strategy. If yes, these tasks should be well within your second quadrant, the not urgent but important activities. How can you push your hirings into the second quadrant you ask? Proper annual workforce planning, succession plans and talent management, will help you and your organization achieve this to the maximum.

Now, the vacancy is out in job portals and even recruitment agencies are helping you get the best of the best candidates for your role. You wait for 14 days and on the 15th day, while excitedly going through the list of applicants, you come across only 2-3 candidates who might fit some parts of the role and not all of it. Are there no qualified and skillful candidates for the role that you have announced or maybe they didn’t apply to your announcement? Do you sometimes feel that there is a gap between the quality of candidates you seek and the applicants who actually apply for the vacant positions in your organization? How can you improve this? If you are being able to describe your needs and requirements well in your only communication medium with the applicants before the interview, this should not be an issue.

With only 3 best candidates up for the role, were they interviewed by the same person using the same questions? Were the results documented clearly for future reference? And does only one person decide who comes in your organization. What are other ways to actually assess if the candidate is actually suitable for the position and how is quality being checked during sourcing, filtering and recruiting?

With all of the risks and costs involved of landing the wrong candidate and even better return involved by hiring the right one, Hiring is indeed the most important people activity in the organization. And all of your day to day operations is directly or indirectly affected by how your hiring is being conducted.

So are you well equipped to answer all the questions above and hire the best of the best, if not, Let the HR experts do an in-depth external review of the recruitment process and fix the loopholes for you, contact us, The HRVantage, immediately to find a fix for all your HR problems!

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