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"Employee Ambassadors Kit"

Your Employees are your brand ambassadors - "THE FACE OF YOUR COMPANY"


If your employees feel welcome, appreciated, recognized and celebrated, only then will their engagement and productivity increase to meet the targets set out for them, the team and bring in more clients or business for the company!


A win - win situation. Its never too late, the time is now!

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          स्वागत / SWAGAT KIT

Starting afresh in a new job is always a stressful experience for any employee, so why not make them feel welcome and comfortable in your organization with a well-thought-out onboarding essentials kit!


  उत्सव / UTSAV KIT

Seasonally changed festivities kit that once received as a gift from employers, will light up a smile on the faces of employees gearing up to celebrate the many festivals celebrated in Nepal. We will offer customized assortment festivities kit for Tihar, Men & Women's Day, Dashain, Teej, and Holi.


  मान्यता  / RECOGNITION KIT

Acknowledge employees for their achievements and hard work with personalized recognition awards to show gratitude and motivate them to work smarter and better for the growth of your organization. A liefelong memorable piece that can always boost your employee performance and build excitement across your organization!

Customized Crystal and Wooden Recognition Awards



Employee appreciation should be part of every company’s culture. If we want our employees to be

happy and productive, we need to show that we appreciate the work that they have put in for us.


Customized Tokens for your employees to appreciate their contribution to a project, team or service in the organization.

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